CryptoCodex - Technology

The goal, throughout the development process was: keeping the resulting data size to a reasonable minimum, while providing the market with a super-powerful, rolex replicas unbreakable, encryption technique ‚Ä?never known in the past.

Let's take as an example the decorative sand-bottle.
The left bottle presents a meaningful picture.
Shaking the bottle will result in sand particles to move away from each other and the mixed outcome becomes meaningless.


Any attempt to move the sand particles back to their position will result in a 'deeper' encryption and the sand particles will never return to their original position.

Should this 'shaking' technique be made by a computer, guiding any sand particular to its new position, the owner of the path and key of any particular will swiftly return each and rolex replica sale every part to their original position, retaining the original picture.

Using a 'chaotic' way of moving the parts and a random key to guide them ‚Ä?makes it impossible to decrypt the result.

Note that, despite the very strong rolex replica sale encryption technique applied to the informative bottle ‚Ä?the result occupies the same volume.

For the anti-counterfeit usage, two parameters are crucial:

The counterfeiter cannot decrypt and detect the content of any label.

The counterfeiter cannot create the next legitimate label.

Using counter-fight technology for replica watches sale counterfeit protection does not require the manufactured items to reside in a database:

The product itself, utilizing its encrypted label, serves as its own database.

Needles to say that the louis vuitton replica sale entire process is performed by a computer and the process requires minimal processing resources.

Competition: NONE !

Some competitors' ideas:

Hardware solutions

A hologram, or polarized printing are expected to provide anti-counterfeit solution.
All end products look alike, no distinction between one product to another.
All tracking possibilities are lost.
In addition, all known techniques are easily duplicated, in a way that even the original manufacturer cannot tell the difference.

Special ink

Non standard materials and equipment are needed for producing the authentication labels and for identifying their authenticity.
Without the special hardware, this method becomes useless.
The stored data: not encrypted and may be read by counterfeiters and duplicated.

Huge data capacitors

Some competitors, seeking space for traditional encryption, try to develop a proprietary barcode. Other than the original label provider ‚Ä?any entity, attempting to make use of these barcodes, find themselves seeking special hardware, unobtainable on the market.
Reminder: Traditional, mathematical encryptions can be cracked by experts ‚Ä?causing total collapse of the authentication mechanism.

Serial numbers generators

Attempting to surprise the counterfeiters, some companies developed a 'serialization' technique.
They wrongly think that their serialization cannot be cracked, a false conclusion.
Moreover ‚Ä?products labels are meaningless, while valuable data could be stored in each label ‚Ä?if they could just encrypt instead of encode‚Ä?br /> All are frustrated by not being able to¬†ENCRYPT REAL DATA¬†and store the result in a cheap data capacitor: a 2-D commercial barcode.
Read more to learn how valuable data, to manufacturer's wish, can be encrypted by Cryptocodex Counter-Fight system, and stored in a regular, industry standard, commercial 2-D barcode. 
Reading is enabled with standard readers available on the market.