Counter-Fight is suitable for protecting a large variety of products against fraud and counterfeit:
  • Food and Beverages
  • Consumer products (Cell-phones & Accessories, Electrical appliances, Entertainment)
  • Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Medicines
  • Food supplements
  • Kosher and other special foods
  • Fashion products
  • Spare parts (Industrial, Aviation, Cars, Military)
  • Documents – Legal and Bank documents (Encrypting the important document particulars into a label)
  • Checks – Encrypting the content into the label (beneficiary, date, amount)
  • Tax Invoices – Preventing tax frauds utilizing fictive tax invoices
  • Human I.Ds (Passports, Identification Documents, Driving Licenses)
  • Credit Cards
  • Add your own…

Under each category of the above, the manufacturer creates a UNIQUE ID LABEL – attached to each product. The unique label contains encrypted data of the following:
Production date
Product expiration date
Manufacturing plant ID (Code, Country, Region, Category)
Serial Number – UNIQUE for each product.
Should the protected product contain a human face picture – Main parameters of the picture are encrypted into the label.
Refer to the ID presentation for details

  • 2-D Barcode
  • RFID

And any other data carrying media may be used, on an economical and feasibility consideration.


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